LOBOTOMY: Surviving the Ramones by Dee Dee Ramone

(Paperback 256 pages)

Lobotomy is the most lurid and unlikely temperance tract yet from the underbelly of rock ‘n’ roll. On a wild roller-coaster ride from his fucked-up childhood in Berlin and Munich to his lonely, methadone-quaffing stay at a cheap hotel in Earl’s Court and newfound peace on the straight and narrow, Dee Dee Ramone catapults us into the raw world of sex, addiction, and two-minute songs. It isn’t pretty. With the velocity of a Ramones song, Lobotomy rockets through headlining days at CBGB’s to the breakup of the Ramones’ happy family with an unrelenting backbeat of hate and squalor. His girlfriend ODs; running buddy Johnny Thunders steals his ode to heroin, “Chinese Rocks;” Sid Vicious shoots up using toilet water; a pistol-weilding Phil Spector holds the band hostage in Beverly Hills. Hey! Ho! Let’s Go!

Praise for LOBOTOMY

“This memoir by the bassist for the Ramones would please Nietzsche, who remarked, ‘I love only what a man has written with his blood.’ His self-deprecating guide to the early, fervent days of punk rock closes with what could serve as its epitaph: ‘It gave everybody a chance to say something. That’s revolution.”

The New Yorker

“Kerouac he ain’t, but Dee Dee’s style has a certain rough-hewn charm, and his story—knee deep in sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll—is too incident-packed to be anything less than gripping.”

—James McNair, Mojo Filter

A Novel, by Dee Dee Ramone

(252 pages, paperback)

Dee Dee Ramone doesn’t quite know what he’s getting himself into when he and his wife Barbara move into the Chelsea Hotel with their dog Banfield. The room he’s staying in might be the very room where his old friend Sid stabbed Nancy. Dee Dee spends most of his time trying to score drugs and walking Banfield, with whom he can magically communicate. Meanwhile, he can’t stand his neighbors and though he shies away from violence, he wishes everyone were six feet under. Dee Dee gets involved with the transvestite lover of one of his gay fellow addicts. When Barbara finds out, things get out of hand. All the while Dee Dee is tormented by the living and the dead demons that plague the hotel, along with the ghosts of his old dead punk rock friends Sid Vicious, Johnny Thunders, and Stiv Batos. And that’s when the devil himself decides to join the party…..

A MEMOIR: The Last Testament of Dee Dee Ramone

(288 pages, Paperback) 

So you want to be a rock 'n' roll star? Maybe you should listen to what Dee Dee Ramone has to say first. In Legend of a Rock Star the myth of the rock 'n' roll good life is destroyed once and for all. Touring is hell, and Dee Dee should know, after fifteen plus years with the legendary Ramones, he's back on the road with a new band and a new set of nightmares. Riddled with acerbic hilarity, Legend of a Rock Star offers a fantastic, unflinching look at the abysmal underbelly of the rock ‘n' roll dream as Dee Dee and his new brothers tour Europe in a tiny cramped van and try their best not to kill one another. With shifty promoters out to suck him dry, and fans who mean well but just won't leave him alone, all Dee Dee can do is wrestle with his conscience and hope the drugs aren't bad. Written in a fierce chaotic prose uniquely his own, Dee Dee also offers a brutally honest, yet surprisingly touching account of the weeks leading up to and just after the death of friend and longtime bandmate Joey Ramone.



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